Hope not Nostalgia

Nostalgia is about wanting to go back to what was... and that's not us. Nostalgia is desire to return to the past and such thinking steals our hope and our future. The sin of the Israelites as they started into the wilderness was nostalgia. "The Israelites said to them, “Oh, how we wish that the... Continue Reading →

God’s Big Sign

I'm just trying, tryMaybe someday I could flyLooking down at the cold cold cityThe calm cool skiesAnd the bird are humming their rhymesAnd the creeps are planning their crimesThe graffiti walls standing tallAnd the church is waiting for God's big sign - Mediterranean Waters, Steven Delopoulos Evil is loose on the world violence and destruction... Continue Reading →

A Good Opinion

This meme made its rounds on social media for a time; and I absolutely love it, mostly because the irony of the picture seems to be lost on most of those who posted it. A character who is known for exaggerated unintelligent opinions has become a statement for one's freedom of expression. Personally I laughed... Continue Reading →

Can’t We Just Talk?

Yesterday i had a woman tell me that I should avoid talking to her because w disagree on most major issues in politics and religion. I had simply asked her what she meant in a statement. The reality is we are far closer on most issues than she understands, but she highlighted so much that... Continue Reading →

Do not Grow Weary

I'm definitely tired, I'm writing this post late Tuesday night because I had a long day today. Wednesday, when this post will go public, my work day will start at 7am. I'm tired. And because I am physically exhausted I am tempted to give in to this picture and raise my hand. I am tempted... Continue Reading →


Looking at social media and the current culture wars I see a number of people talking about being offended. I find it especially sad that those posting memes with taglines like, "What are we going to be offended by today?" are also often the ones up in arms because pancake mix was re-branded. Right now... Continue Reading →

Can We Start Listening?

Currently I have 10 posts I have not completed in my draft folder. Today I looked at each of them and asked myself if I wanted to complete one of them today. I reread every word I wrote on each of them and I realized something, many had one thing in common. I have posts... Continue Reading →

With Liberty and Justice for All

America is, yet again, embroiled in protests calling for justice. As I pondered the events of the last week I began to think about the founding of this country; and my mind went to the act of vandalism (or even domestic terrorism) which is given credit as the first shot of the Revolution, the Boston... Continue Reading →

With All Your Mind

Sitting on my bookshelf is my Granddad's copy of "88 reasons Why The Rapture Will Be in 1988" (I think he kept it for a laugh). That booklet was based on Hal Lindsey's "The Late Great Planet Earth". Much of that same line of thinking continues in books like John Hagee's "Four Blood Moons". Thankfully,... Continue Reading →

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