Life is Hard

"Life is hard." How many times have you heard that or a similar phrase used. And it is true; at many points in our lives are marked by struggle and difficulty-- that's inevitable. We are all going to struggle with loss and grief, worry and anxiety, weakness, failure, fatigue- mental and physical, and a whole... Continue Reading →

The Pieces Need to Fit Together

One of the great issues I see with modern society is that our lives are compartmentalized. We are not whole people we divide our lives based on our commitments. At work a person is expected to be an employee with total allegiance to the company. In social settings a person can be a Republican or... Continue Reading →

Why am I voting?

Four years ago I wrote a post about the need to be ethical in our voting (here). In that 2016 election I had friends who voted for the Republican, Democrat, Libertarian & Green candidates I also had friends who wrote in names and abstained from voting altogether. And I mean friends, individuals I talk with... Continue Reading →

Beyond Racial Gridlock

Over the last several months I have been saddened by how the church has approached the topic of racism. Not simply because some communities have chosen not to engage in the dialogue, but also because many of the churches which have entered the dialogue have only used secular resources. In fact, the first resource presented... Continue Reading →

The Quest for Purpose

Jordan Peterson, professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, has become a popular writer and speaker, helping many people find purpose in their lives. I recently heard him talk about "the meaning of life"; it would be difficult for me to recreate the entire discussion, but I found one point interesting. He talked about... Continue Reading →

Removing God and Public discourse

I frequently see social media posts where individuals lament groups which seeking to remove the phrase "under God" from the pledge of allegiance. While I do think we got along just fine before the phrase was inserted in 1954 and we could get along just fine if it were removed, I do sympathize with this... Continue Reading →

And the Truth will set you free.

I can remember from a very early age hearing the phrase "All truth is God's truth". This phrase has had a marked influence on my life. If all truth has its source in God, then it stands to reason that I should not be afraid of listening to anyone who claims to report "truth" in... Continue Reading →

Did Religion Simply Evolve to Help Unite Humanity?

Catching up on the Unbelievable? podcast this week I was listening to the episode with Jon Steingard and Sean McDowell. Steingard brought up a common understanding that religion evolved because religious belief structures made it easier to hold larger groups of people together. The theory is that because it is difficult to have intimate relationships... Continue Reading →

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